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Before you can use variables, you must create them. Variables are created in the Manage Variables Editor.

  1. To open the Manage Variables Editor, in Rule Builder, from the Edit menu, select Manage Variables.
  2. If the rule set is new and was not saved yet, you are prompted to assign a name to the rule set and save it before the Manage Variables Editor is opened:
    • In the Confirm Save message, click Yes.
    • In the Save Rule Set As dialog box, browse to the rule set group where you want to save the rule set, type a new name for the rule set, and click Save.
      The Manage Variables Editor appears.
  3. In the Manage Variables Editor, perform the following steps.
    1. Select the appropriate tab for the type of variable that you want to create. Select Global Variables, Rule Set Variables, or Temporary Variables.
      Note: For a description of each of the three types of variables, see Types of variables.
    2. Click Add Variable.
    3. In the Name column, type a name for the new variable.
    4. In the Data Type column, select the data type for the new variable.
      Note: For a description of each of the data types of variables, see Types of variables.
    5. If the new variable is a global or rule set variable, in the Current Value column, type a default value if applicable.
    6. To create additional variables, click Apply and repeat steps 3c through 3f. To save and exit, click OK.
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