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Prinergy is supplied with a wide range of different angle set combinations for shifted angles. However, you may want an angle set that does not appear in the default angle sets menu. In this case, it is possible to create a custom screen angle set.
Using a configuration file, you can add your own screen systems with whatever angle combinations you want. The one condition is that of the four angles, three of them must be separated by 30° or 60°. The Prinergy geometry solver will generate optimal moiré-free geometries for the requested angles. The yellow can be at any angle, and this angle is known as the free angle.

Format of the file:
<Screen System Name, Cyan angle Magenta angle Yellow angle Black angle>


  • # can be used to add comments
  • File must include a trailing # after Screen System Name lines
  • Blank lines are fine
  • Whitespace preceding <Screen System Name> is fine
  • Whitespace in a screen system name is fine

Note: <Screen System Name> MUST contain the word Creosettes at the beginning of the string. As an example, "Creosettes Special Screen".
Take care not to make <Screen System Name> too long, or you may not be able to read all of it in the menu.

For example, a Creo_SCDV.cfg may look like:
Creosettes - Special Screen, 37.5 7.5 83 67.5
Creosettes - Special Screen will appear as a selectable screen system in the process template editor.
Note: If an angle set is entered in the Creo_SCDV.cfg file that does not have three angles separated by 30°, it will fail at output and report the following error message:
Could not find screen for <name> separation, because can't find screen in database.

The procedure for creating custom screen sets is slightly different, depending on whether you are using a Prinergy Connect system or a Prinergy Evo system.


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