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Add a JTP to perform a specific type of processing on a specific server in your Prinergy system.

  1. From the JTP menu, select Add JTP, and then select one of the following types:
    • Archive
    • CopyJob
    • Generate
    • Import/Export
    • Output
    • Refine
  2. For archive, output, and refine JTPs, select a specific JTP in the JTP Type box:

    For this type

    Select one of these JTPs


    • Archive/Retrieve
    • Disk Purge
    • Bridge - Delta Technology
    • CTLWOutput
    • Expose
    • Heidelberg Primesetter
    • Heidelberg Signasetter
    • Print Console
    • Proofing Device (256 MB)
    • Speedway Engine Manager
    • VectorOutput
    • Copydot
    • DOP
    • Heidelberg Herkules
    • Heidelberg Quasar
    • PostScript Level 3
    • PrintLink
    • Proofing Device (512 MB)
    • Topsetter Engine Manager
    • Insite Proofing Device

    • CEPSConversion
    • Copydot
    • Optimize
    • Color Matcher
    • Normalize
    • Trap
    • Insite Color Match

    Note: Some JTPs, such as Printlink, Marks, and CTM Transform, can be added only once. If they already exist, they no longer appear in the JTP Type box.
    Note: Whether you add a Copydot JTP under the refine type or the output type, you can use the Copydot JTP in both output and refine process templates.

  3. In the Name box, type a name for the new JTP.
    Note: You cannot change the name of the PrintLink, Archive/Retrieve, or Disk Purge JTP.
    Tip: To help you easily identify the JTPs in your system, include the following information:
        • JTP type—for example, Normalize
        • Location or server—for example, ServerA
        • Other unique identifiers—for example, the options selected for the JTP. This will help you select only JTPs with the same options when adding JTPs to a pool.

    Example JTP names: Normalize ServerARender_Staccato.

  4. In the Host Server list, select a server to add the JTP to.
    Note: For an Archive JTP, select the server that is connected to the archiving device.
  5. For certain JTPs, next to Features, select the check boxes for specific features:

For this type of JTP



  • Import Unpopulated Job Ticket to import a blank imposition plan with blank pages assigned to page positions
  • Import Populated Job Ticket to import an imposition plan with job pages already assigned to page positions
  • Import Job File to import a compressed file containing all or part of a job that was exported from another Prinergy system
  • Export to export all or part of a job to a compressed file for use in another Prinergy system
  • Import Pageset to import a compressed file that was exported from the Page Assigner

  • Refine Copydot Improvements to detect copydot files and optimize them for use in Prinergy. Always select this option.
  • Descreen/Resample Copydot to descreen and resample copydot files to the output resolution specified in a process template
  • Calibrate Copydot to control dot gain calibration by selecting a calibration curve in a process template

DOP, Expose, Heidelberg devices, Print Console, Proofing devices, and Topsetter
  • Staccato 20 Series
  • Staccato 10 Series
  • Staccato 25 Series
  • Maxtone Screening
  • Seamless Screening
  • DigiCap
  • Hyperflex Basic
  • Hyperflex Advanced

PrintLinkIf you have a site license for PrintLink, select the Printlink: Site check box.
  • VectorOutput: DCS 2
  • VectorOutput: Separated PS
  • VectorOutput: PDF|

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