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After you set up the Double-Take software, it runs on its own. All you need to do is to occasionally monitor the status of the replication jobs in the Double-Take Console.

Whenever the primary, failover, or a tertiary server is restarted, the Double-Take software automatically picks up where it left off, and if necessary, remirrors the replication sets.

Replication Monitor utility

Note: Replication Monitor Utility does not work with Double-Take 7.1 or later. This issue will be fixed in a future release. Until then, the Double-Take Console should be used to monitor and confirm the replication is working correctly.

Use the Replication Monitor utility to monitor replication jobs on the Prinergy primary server and the main job server.
The Replication Monitor utility queries the Double-Take replication Transmit status. If the status is other than the normal status of started, a message appears on the servers in the notification list.

  1. On the Prinergy primary and regular tertiary server, run the MonitorSetup.cmd script in system drive:\Program Files\Vision Solutions\Double-Take\creo. The following menu appears:

    Replication Monitor Setup Utility

    This should be run after installation of EPM+ with Double-Take.

    Run only in a Primary and Job home server which are replication source machines. This will create a new Replication Monitor file.

    Please select the action you wish to perform:

     [1] Setup Monitoring on the Primary

     [2] Setup Monitoring on the Job Home server (usually tertiary)

     [0] Do Nothing and Exit

    Type in your selection and press <ENTER>.

  2. In the Replication Monitor Setup Utility menu, select the server that you want to set up. Type 1 for the primary server or 2 for the job server, and press Enter.
  3. Specify the Failover server name. The servers to be notified are listed.
  4. To add a server, type y, press Enter, and type the server name.
  5. When all the servers that you want notified are listed, type n to complete the Replication Monitor setup.

You can use Start > Programs > Startup to start Replication Monitor. It starts automatically whenever anyone logs onto the server.

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