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Switch the Hot Standby secondary server to operate as the Prinergy primary server.
Requirements: If you are running a planned failover, you must have a current Oracle database backup, have performed a cold database backup, and have disconnected the primary server network connection to simulate failure.

  1. On the Hot Standby server, start Prinergy Administrator, and stop the Prinergy software on all servers by selecting File > Emergency Shutdown.
  2. If an InSite Prepress Portal or InSite Storefront server is connected to the Prinergy primary server, stop InSite services:
    1. On the InSite Prepress Portal/Storefront server desktop, double-click InSite Administrator.
    2. On the home page, click Maintenance.
    3. Click Shutdown, and type a shutdown message to notify users.
    4. Click Shutdown now.
  3. On the Hot Standby server, open Prinergy Administrator, and switch Prinergy to primary mode by selecting File > Switch To Primary.
    If a message appears indicating that the license key and unique server ID do not match, you must proceed with step 5 below to manually retrieve a license after first completing step 4.
  4. Disable the PrinergyDb replication job by performing the following actions:
    1. Open the Double-Take Console on the failover server.
    2. Select the menu option Go > Manage Jobs.
    3. Right-click the PrinergyDb job, and select the Stop action.
  5. Check that the Hot Standby server is licensed. If necessary, retrieve or load a license for it:
    1. To open the License Information dialog box, select License > Manage License Key.
    2. If the server is licensed, go to the next step. If it is not licensed, click Add License Key.
    3. In the Add License Key dialog box, verify that your correct License ID is entered into the License ID box.
    4. In the Add License Key dialog box, verify that your correct Partner Place username is entered into the Partner Place username box.
      Note: If necessary, you can create a new Partner Place account or change the one you are using from this dialog box.
    5. Select License Key.
    6. Click Retrieve.
      If your server is able to communicate directly with the Product Registration and License Activation System (PLAS), your license(s) will be retrieved and you can start your system. Go to the next step.
      If your server is behind a firewall or otherwise unable to communicate directly with PLAS, you will be given an opportunity to save an XML license request file.
    7. Save the XML license request file and transfer it to a system that has internet access.
    8. Use a web browser to navigate to the PLAS web page:
    9. On the PLAS web page, click Browse, browse to the location where you saved the XML license request file, and click Open.
    10. To submit the request file and initiate creation of an XML license response file, click Upload file.
    11. Save the XML license response file, and transfer it to your Prinergy primary server.
    12. In the Add License Key dialog box in the Prinergy Administrator, select Load License key from file (main/trial).
    13. Click Browse and navigate to the location where you saved the XML response file.
    14. Click Read File.
    15. When the license appears in the the License Key field, click Apply.
  6. Start the Prinergy software on the Hot Standby server.
  7. If an InSite Prepress Portal or InSite Storefront server is connected to the Prinergy primary server, redirect the InSite server to the Hot Standby server:
    1. From the Start menu on the InSite server, select Run.
    2. Type ICU, and click OK.
    3. Press Enter to stop InSite.
    4. In the InSite Configuration Utility wizard, click Next until the Prinergy primary Server Information dialog box appears.
    5. Type the Primary Server Name and IP address of the Hot Standby server.
    6. Click Next until the Configuration Summary window appears, and click Apply.
    7. Click Next until the Diagnostics dialog box appears, and click Close.
    8. At the command prompt, type:
      net start InSite
    9. Restart Prinergy services, and verify that the InSite system is operating properly.
  8. If Creative Workflow server or Business Link-based software (running on a separate server) is connected to the Prinergy primary server, redirect them to the Hot Standby server. See the user documentation for this software, or contact your service representative.
  9. If Rules Based Automation is used, switch any dependencies on the primary server to the hot standby server:
    • If remote triggers are used between rule sets on the primary server, redirect these remote triggers to the hot standby server.
    • Remote triggers coming from external systems must be redirected to the hot standby server.

The Hot Standby server is now the primary server, and all jobs are present.

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