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Prinergy Dashboard uses job lists to display views of the jobs currently in Prinergy Workshop. The left pane of the Dashboard window shows all the job lists.
You can create lists of jobs to group and organize your jobs. You can create as many job lists as you need to organize Prinergy jobs into groups that are most useful to you. Job lists that you create are saved with your user name so that when you log in to Dashboard from another computer, you see the same job lists.

All Jobs

The All Jobs  job list  is always at the top of all job lists. This job list shows all the jobs on the Prinergy server.
Jobs created in Prinergy are added automatically to this list. Jobs destroyed in Prinergy are automatically deleted from this list, and from other job lists with those jobs.
You cannot change, rename, or delete the All Jobs list.

Standard job lists

A standard job list  displays the jobs that you manually add to it. You can manually add or delete jobs in a standard job list.
The number of jobs in a standard job list never increases automatically. If a job is destroyed in Prinergy Workshop, it is removed from all job lists.

Smart job lists

A smart job list  displays jobs that match the rules set up for that smart job list. Because smart job lists use rules to define which jobs to display, you cannot manually add or delete jobs. You must change the rules to change which jobs get displayed.
Jobs are automatically added to a smart job list when they match its rules, and are automatically removed from a smart job list when they no longer match its rules.
For example, you can define a smart job list to show the jobs created in the last seven hours. The number of jobs automatically changes as the smart job list displays newly created jobs and stops displaying jobs that are older than seven hours.
You can define multiple rules for a smart job list. For example, you can define rules to display jobs for a specific customer that were created within the last seven days, and that have job proofs due within three days.
Note: The smart job list Recent Jobs always appears under the All Jobs list. By default, it shows all jobs modified in the last day.

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