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  1. Double-click or right-click a smart job list , and select Edit Smart Job List
    The Smart List Editor dialog box appears.
    Note: Make sure that you double-click a smart job list  and not a standard job list .
  2. Use the following options to edit a smart job list. As you change options, the status area at the bottom of the Smart List Editor dialog box displays how many jobs are found using the rules that you selected.


    Do This

    Find jobs that match all the rules

    Select Matches all of these rules.

    Find jobs that match any one of the rules

    Select Matches any of these rules.

    Add a rule

    Click .

    Delete a rule

    Click beside the rule that you want to delete.

  3. Click OK.

For a list of all the available rules and their options, see Smart job list rules reference.
Tip: You can convert a smart job list to a standard job list. See Converting a smart job list to a standard job list.

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