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Prinergy Dashboard allows you to search for jobs that have been created.

  1. From the job lists on the left, select the job list that you want to search in—for example, Recent Jobs.
  2. In the Search box in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard window, type the job name that you want to find—for example, a docket number. As you type, the number beside the Search box displays how many jobs are found.
    Note: You are searching only in the selected job list. If you want to search all jobs, select the All Jobs job list.
  3. To cancel a search, click  in the Search box.
    Tip: You can save the search results to a job list by selecting the jobs and dragging them to the left side of the Dashboard window, either to a blank area to create a new job list, or onto an existing job list to add to it.

For more information, see Working with job lists.

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