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The page name in the form of <input file name>.<page #>.p.

Page Position

The page position number is a combination of the page set prefix and the position number (both user-definable).
You define the prefix when you create a page set or add an imposition plan to a job.
A value appears only if the page has been assigned to a page position on a page set.


The name of the surface and signature to which the page is assigned. For example, if the page is assigned to the front surface of Signature 1, the Surface column displays A Front 1.
This column is available only in the Pages pane of the Signatures view.

Input File

The name of the input file from which the page was created

Date Refined

The date and time that the page was created

Page File Location

The path to the page file


The size of the file.
The file size is listed in KB if the file is less than 1 MB, or in MB if the file is 1 MB or more.
If it is not a PDF file, the value is N/A.

Preflight Report

Indicates whether a PDF Preflight report has been generated for the PDF page, or whether it is not available.

Ordinal Number

The page number in a multi-page file that this page represents

Versioned Page Status

Applies to the Layered PDF Versioning feature. For information, see Versioning.

Page Colors

The process and spot colors in the page


Indicates whether the page is composite.
A composite file is not divided into color separations.

Customer Approval

The approval status of the page. These are the possible approval statuses:

    • Approval not Required
    • Approval Requested
    • Approval in Progress
    • Waiting for Correction
    • Approved
    • Rejected

Media Size

The width and height of the media box of the PDF file.
The unit of measure is defined in the Workshop Preferences dialog box.

Trim Size

The horizontal and vertical measurements to which the page will be cut. The trim size is determined by the page position to which the page is assigned.
If the file is not a PDF file, the value is N/A.
The unit of measure is defined in the Workshop Preferences dialog box.


The horizontal and vertical adjustments made to the page from the lower-left corner.
This column appears in the Signatures pane and the Pages pane.
If the page is not centered, the value is the same in both panes.
If the page is centered, the value in the Signatures pane is the difference between the Media Size and the Trim Size.
The unit of measure is defined in the Workshop Preferences dialog box.

Scale (%)

The horizontal and vertical scale measurement of the page, as a percentage of the page's original size.
If the file is not a PDF file, the scale appears as N/A.

Orientation (°)

The number of degrees that the page is rotated.
Select from 0, 90 CW (clockwise), 180, and 90 CCW (counter-clockwise).
If the file is not a PDF file, the orientation appears as N/A.

<process template>

The name of the process template group that was used to process the file and the processing status.

This column automatically appears in these panes:

    • Input Files pane when an input file is processed
    • Pages pane when a page is processed
    • Imposition Plans pane when a surface is processed

This is known as a dynamic column. More than one dynamic column may appear if more than one process template is used.

<custom field> (more than one may be visible)

Any custom fields that were created for this job element with the Show in Workshop check box selected

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