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  1. Using an imposition software application, type Prinergy text-file-based marks in your imposition.
    Use imposition software that supports Prinergy variable marks, and use only text-file-based marks.
    Note: For use in Pandora, you may have to create specific variable marks for multiple strings, for example, $[AT_3]. For information on creating variable marks, see the Creating Variable Text Marks for Pandora using Adobe Illustrator CS technical bulletin.
  2. Create a text file based on the syntax rules.
  3. Give the text file the same name as the imposition file when it is imported into the Prinergy job, but change the extension to .txt.
    For example, if the imposition was imported with the name DoubleWeb_2Sigs.JT.pjtf, the text file should be named DoubleWeb_2Sigs.JT.txt.
  4. Copy the text file to the same folder as the job imposition file: <job folder>\System\ImpositionPlans.
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