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Use seamless imaging to make seamless photopolymer sleeves and gravure cylinders.

  • In Prinergy Administrator in the JTP Properties dialog box, make sure that Seamless Screening is selected. See Adding JTPs in the Prinergy System Administrator Guide.
  • Make sure you use a high-resolution output JTP.
  • Make sure you have set up an IS screen set, and that Continuous Screening is selected for the IS screen set. You select an IS screen set in the Calibration and Screening section of the output process template.

Note: Many IS screen set parameters cannot be changed in the process template—for example, dot shape, screen ruling, screen angle, and so on. Use the IS screen set editor to modify these parameters.

At the time of output, set the following options in the output process template:





Set Size to Digital.

By default, Prinergy creates seamless output in the y direction.
If the seamless layout was created in a horizontal orientation, then output Orientation must be set to or 180°. Scaling must be set to 100%.
If the seamless layout was created in a vertical orientation, such as with the Kodak Pandora software, then the output Orientation must be set to 90° or 270°.


The Resolution must be identical to the resolution in the IS screen set.

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