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You must perform the Generate process on versioned pages in order to convert the versioned page metadata into layered PDF pages. After you perform the Generate process, you can output content and view the versioned pages in Acrobat.

The Generate process performs the following for each versioned page:

  • According to the colors mapped in the version plan:
    • Compares each contributing page to identify base content (for input file models 1 and 2 only)
    • Extracts base objects onto a PDF layer named according to the base layers in the version plan
    • Extracts unique objects onto a PDF layer named according to the versions specified in the version plan
  • For input file models 1 and 2, tries to match the objects on change layer contributing pages that are meant to be identical to base content. If objects do not match within the tolerances set, both the base layer object and the corresponding unmatched change layer object are extracted onto a PDF layer, which is, by default, named Error.
  • Finds any objects with colors that are not specified in any layer of the version plan, and extracts them onto the error layer.
  • Saves the layered PDF versioned page in the \Job\Subpage directory
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