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You can run a process on one or more jobs from Job Finder, a single job from Job Manager, or selected files from Job Manager.

  1. Select the files or jobs that you want to affect:

    To Affect

    Do This

    One or more jobs

    In Job Finder, select the jobs.

    One job

    In Job Manager, click the Job button.
    Note: The Job button applies only to export and storage processes.

    Specific files in a job

    In Job Manager, select the files from the Pages, Signatures, Separations, or Storage view.

  2. Choose the process template:

    If You Are In

    Do This

    Job Finder or Job Manager

    Right-click the selection, and using the cascading menus, select the process template.

    Job Finder or Job Manager

    From the Process menu, using the cascading menus, select the process template.

    Job Manager

    Drag the selection to the Process Templates pane, and drop it on the process template.

    Job Manager

    In the Process Templates pane, right-click the process template and select Start Processing.

    Note: The only process templates available are the ones that apply to your selection. Process templates that do not apply are unavailable.

  3. In the Start Process dialog box, modify the options as desired.
    When you submit a job to a digital device, the Start Process for Digital Printing dialog box is displayed.
  4. If desired, modify the process template before starting the process by clicking Edit Process Template, modifying the process template, and clicking OK.
  5. Click OK to begin processing.

The Process Info dialog box appears if Show Process Info Window When Process Is Created is selected in the Prinergy Workshop Preferences dialog box.

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