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Important: Some of the options described in this topic are not relevant to Workshop in this version of the Prinergy software. Currently, only the Digital Device equipment is available.

In the production process, your print shop uses specific equipment such as digital presses, offset presses, output devices (computer-to-plate, computer-to-film), proofers, and folding devices. This equipment has specific planning specifications such as sizes, fold patterns, and so on.
You need to set up the details of this equipment, in order to plan and impose the printing work correctly. These details are stored in the Prinergy database.
Data that is changed on the fly in a Prinergy job does not affect the records that are stored in the database.

When you add a digital device in Setup, the device's capabilities are automatically imported into the Digital Device dialog box from the device. These settings are read-only and cannot be edited in Setup. However, for some of the settings, you can change the default value that the setting has in the Digital Job Ticket Editor.

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