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  1. Using a text editor, open the sample tower-color file (ColorTowerMap.txt).
  2. Type the names of the color separations in the job files, as well as the number of the color tower running each color, for example, Yellow 1.
    Don't use the following characters in the color names:
        1. Leading or trailing tabs or spaces
        2. Tabs embedded in the file name
        3. Wide characters, for example, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) characters

    If a color separation is missing from the tower-color file, or if Prinergy can't find a tower-color file, Prinergy will fail the process (when you apply a web-growth-enabled process template to an imposition that has a profile associated with it).

  3. Save the tower-color file as ColorTowerMap.txt.
    The tower-color file must have this name for Prinergy to be able to find it.
    You can save the tower-color file stored in the same folder as the profile file. This will be the default tower-color file. You can also create a custom tower-color file for a job, and place it in the <Job Folder>\Control folder.
    Prinergy first searches the <Job Folder>\Control folder for a tower-color file. If it can't find a tower-color file in the job folder, it will use the default tower-color file from the same folder as the profile file.
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