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Before you can use Preps Ganging integrated with Prinergy, you must add the Preps Ganging software to Prinergy.
In a Mac environment, for best results, mount your network shares using the SMB file service.

  1. In Prinergy Administrator, check your Import JTP to ensure that Import Populated Job Ticket is selected.
  2. Add Preps Ganging to your Workshop Imposition Application list:
    1. Click Tools > Configure Imposition Applications.
    2. Click Add, browse to the Preps application folder and select Preps8.exe in Windows or Preps on a Mac. Default locations for Preps integrated with Prinergy:
      Windows: C:\Programs (x86)\Kodak\Prinergy\AraxiPreps\Preps\Preps8.exe
      Mac: /Applications/Kodak/Prinergy/AraxiPreps/Preps
    3. Under the Application Type column, click Preps Ganging.
    4. Click Done.
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