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Use this procedure if you want to send files for digital printing using the Publish File process template with special process template settings .


  • You must have configured a connection to the digital press. For instructions on configuring a connection to a digital press, see the Prinergy Digital Print Installation and Configuration Guide.
  • This procedure can be used only with devices with legacy JDF connectivity such as NexPress.
  1. Select the pages, page set, or imposition that you want to send to the digital printer.
  2. Drag the elements to a Publish File process template.
  3. In the Start Process dialog box, click Edit Process Template.
  4. Revise the Publish File process template, and click OK.
    See Publish File process template for a description of the settings. 
  5. In the Start Process dialog box, click OK.
    Note: The Send to Digital Direct option is selected by default.
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