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Select refined pages in the list of refined pages (left-hand pane) of the Versioned Pages view.

To select


A continuous range

Click the first page you want to link, and then press Shift and click the last page you want to link.

A noncontiguous range

In Windows, press Ctrl, (or Cmd on a Macintosh computer,) and click the pages you want to link.

Figure 1. Versioned Pages view 

Selection status bar

Use the selection status bar to quickly see the number of total refined pages in the job, the number of pages that match the criteria set in the filtering tools (see below), and the number of currently selected pages.

Filtering the refined pages

Because you can link multiple pages (pages for a row or column) at one time, use the filtering tools to reduce the number of pages in the list and to help you quickly select the appropriate pages.

The image above identifies the filtering tools, which are the:

  • Search box
  • Unlinked Only check box


Search box

Use the Search box to show only those pages that have matching characters in their names. Because the filter is based on the refine page file names, you should have given refined files names that identify the associated page number and layer.
Type the common portion of the file name in the Search box, for example, p1 or common. Once you filter for a layer or for a versioned page, click Edit > Select All to select them for linking.
For example, if all of your refined pages for the English layer are named with the letters Eng, then you can type Eng in the Search box, to see only those refined pages in the list.

Unlinked only check box

Use the Unlinked Only check box to display those refined pages that are not yet linked to a versioned page.

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