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Icon (See About process status icons)

progress bar (unlabeled)

Indicates the overall percentage of the process that is complete.
If a process template executes more than one JTP, each JTP has its own progress bar.
The same progress bar appears under the process in the Processes pane of Job Manager while the process is active.


Click this button to stop a running process.
After the process ends, this button changes to a Close button.


Click this button to close the Process Info dialog box.
This button appears only after the process ends. While the process is running, the button is a Stop button that you can use to stop the process.

Process Details

Process Template

The name of the process template used to initiate the process.
If you modified the process template when you initiated the process by clicking the Edit Process Template button in the Start Process dialog box, the process template name will appear as Process Template:<name> (Modified).

Process Template Group

The group to which the process template used to initiate the process belongs.

Submitted by

The user who initiated the process.


The job from within which the process was initiated.


Any comments that the user entered in the Output Comment box of the Start Process dialog box when they initiated the process.
These comments are also stored in the History view for the job.

Status / Process Status

The status of the process, for example, Queued, Active, or Ended.

Submitted (at)

The date and time that the process was initiated.

Started (at)

The date and time that the JTP (job ticket processor) began executing the process.

Ended at

The date and time that the JTP (job ticket processor) finished the process.

system messages box (unlabeled)

Displays details about the progress of the process. The following types of messages may appear:

    •   Information—the action completed successfully.
    •  ico_warning_small.gif Warning—the action encountered a problem but carried on to completion.
    •  worddav1a193abc92ca30f75972d19759e19d69.png Error—the action failed.

After the process is complete, these details can also available in the History view.

Process Elements

Lists the element or elements being processed, by file name and file type.

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