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The Pages view of Job Manager displays information about input files, pages (input files that have been processed), and page sets.
Use this view to perform the following tasks:

  • Add input files to a job
  • Refine input files
  • Add page sets
  • Import imposition plans
  • Assign pages to page sets
  • Make loose page output

This view is similar to the Signatures view except that you see a job in reader order rather than as a layout.

Panes in Pages view

The Pages view has three panes, each with its own buttons and columns.

  • The Page Sets pane displays page sets for the job.
    • A page set is similar to the idea of a "run list." When you import an imposition plan into the job or create a page set, the page set appears in this pane. A page set can also be created independently of an imposition.
    • When you assign pages to positions in the page set, the assignment information also appears in this pane.
    • You can also proof pages from this pane.
  • The Pages pane displays information about refined PDF page files. In this pane, you can work with individual PDF files to perform the following tasks:
    • View a soft proof in Acrobat
    • Output loose page output
    • Manage page position assignments
  • The Input Files pane displays the unprocessed input files that you add to the job. You work in this pane when refining input files. Files in this pane appear in list view only. After you process your input files, you may want to collapse the Input Files pane to reduce the space that it occupies.

Note: The columns that you see depend on which columns are set to be displayed or hidden.

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