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Page set booklets are two-sided proofs of pages in reader order that can be printed on a duplexing laser printer.

 You generate this type of proof after assigning pages to page positions. The purpose of the page set booklet is to ensure that the pages are correctly assigned.

 The order in which you select the pages is the order Prinergy uses when creating a saddle-stitched imposition. You can either sort the pages in the desired order then select them, or press the command key (Mac) or CTRL key (PC) while selecting individual pages in the order you want.

 Note: If you selected pages then changed the sort order, the sort order of the selected pages changes to match the new sort order. To maintain the selected sort order while you sort pages (for example, if you're looking for another page to select), press the Shift key while you're sorting. 

 Page set booklets are also called saddle-stitched imposition output or feel-good books.

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