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Note: The columns that you see depend on which columns are set to be displayed or hidden.

 Group by Page Set

Switch this button on to group pages by page set, or off to group all pages together. This button is available only in list view. In thumbnail view, Group by Page Set is always enabled.

Page Position

The page position number is a combination of the page set prefix and the position number (both user-definable). You define the prefix when you create a page set or add an imposition plan to a job. A value appears only if the page has been assigned to a page position on a page set.


The file name of the page that is assigned to the page position

Assignment Count

Displays the number of pages assigned to the page position

Layered Page Number

Applies to the Layered PDF Versioning feature. For information, see Versioning.

Run List

If an imposition was imported from Preps, this column displays the run list as defined in Preps. The run list shows the order in which each page appears in the product.


If an imposition was imported from Preps, this column displays the product name, part name, and part page number. For example, Brochure (A) BW Text 15 means that the product is Brochure (A), the part is BW Text, and the page position is 15.

<custom field> (more than one may be visible)

Any custom fields that were created for this job element with the Show in Workshop check box selected

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