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  1. Create the source PostScript for the marks PDF files in any software that allows registration color (for example, QuarkXPress, PageMaker) so it appears on all separations.
  2. Once you are satisfied with your file, create a fat, composite PostScript file containing embedded fonts.
  3. Perform the following as appropriate:

    If you want to add marks using...


    An imposition marks file

      1. Add the marks to your imposition using imposition software such as Preps and then import the imposition (and marks file).

    A process template

      1. Configure an Acrobat Distiller job option file to distill PostScript files to PDF files for Prinergy. This task must be performed only once after installing Workshop.
      2. Use Acrobat Distiller to distill the PostScript to create PDF files of the marks file.
      3. Create an output process template specifying the marks file and its positioning.
      4. Apply the output process template to the PDF files in a job. The system will add the marks file from the process template to the job.
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