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This procedure describes how to open Preps from the Tools menu, outside of a job. This means that Preps does not open with a run list that matches the Prinergy job's page set, and the imposition you create in Preps will not be automatically imported into Prinergy. The benefit of opening Preps outside of job context is that you can work extensively in the Preps software without tying up a Prinergy job.
If you have a Preps (integration or stand-alone, floating license or a dongle), you can open Preps outside of job context (from the Prinergy Tools menu).
Note: Before opening Preps outside of job context for the first time, you must install and configure Preps so that Prinergy knows where to locate the software. See Overview of tasks for integrating imposition software.

  1. In Job Finder, from the Tools menu, select Start Imposition Application.
  2. In the Start Imposition Application dialog box, choose a software from the list and click OK.

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