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This section lists features and enhancements that were added in this release.

CTP devices connectivity (TIFF Direct)

New JDF bi-directional connectivity between Prinergy and CTP devices via XPO or Print Console including support in Device Track. TIFF Direct allows TIFF files to be pre-generated, but also provides a JDF/JMF communication channel between the CTP device and Prinergy. The CTP device communicates its capabilities in JMF format and the values for the different parameters are reflected in the job ticket options per device. Printing progress is monitored in Prinergy Device Track. You get the flexibility of indirect, file-based output, but you also get status reporting that you can track and record via the JDF/JMF backchannel. 

For Prinergy 8.2.0 TIFF Direct using Device Track the following devices and Controlled Release (CR) software are supported:

  • Magnus 800 with CR 3.1.1+ Update XPO
  • Trendsetter/Achieve series V with Print Console 5.1

JDF bi-directional connectivity between Prinergy and digital devices

Newly supported DFEs: 

  • Creo Color Server – IC-314 connected to Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6100/6085, AccurioPrint: 3080/3070/2070/2060
  • Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server R-62A DFE, which supports the Ricoh Pro C7200 series digital presses.

DataMatrixSurface marks

DataMatrixSurface marks can now be configured with the same settings as the DataMatrixPage mark. These new settings can control the dimensions of the mark. [PRINERGY-46106]

Updated Adobe components

The Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) used by Prinergy Workflow has been updated to version 4.7 and flattening of PDF 1.4 and later features are now performed by PDF Library 15.0.7. See Fixed bugs in Prinergy Workflow 8.2 for the list of bugs that have been resolved with this update.  

New Actions and Events in RBA

Truncate History action has been added to the Prinergy Data Model.  It allows the automated deletion of some or all the history in a job.  See the RBA Reference for additional details.

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