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In model 2, the version plan would be:

In this example, the black color in all files contains change content. Thus, all files have been set in the version plan to have the black color extracted.
Using input file model 2, your refined pages for versioned page 1 of the nationwide catalog would be:


Building versioned pages in model 2

First, link refined pages to the common layer. Because all files potentially contain base content, designate one set of refined pages (one refined page for every versioned page) to provide the base content. This means that these refined pages will be linked to two layers. Thus, link the pages to the common layer and before closing the Link to Layer dialog box, link the refined pages again to the appropriate change layer.
For the remaining refined files, link each set to the appropriate layer. After linking, generate the versioned pages, and the versioned pages are ready to proof.

The following figure shows the refined pages to link to versioned page one.

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