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You can add marks to your Prinergy output by using an imposition marks file or by using a process template.

Adding Marks Using an Imposition Marks File

An imposition marks file is a marks file created from imposition software such as Preps. They are used to add marks to imposition output and final output.
The benefit of this method is that you can place marks more precisely, and the marks file can be automatically imported and distilled when you import the imposition.

Adding marks using a process template

Use a process template to add marks to output when you want to avoid using imposition software to add marks.
Create the marks in drawing software, then distill and import them into the output process template. The output process templates allow you to specify the position of the mark. Using this method you avoid having to add the marks in the imposition software and reprocess the imposed marks file.
If you want to place a mark on loose page output you must use this method of adding a mark.
Important: When placing sheet marks on final output, be sure you account for the tail and lead clamps and be sure you know where the press sheet contacts the plate.

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