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This process template section determines how marks are handled.

Unit Used for Variable Marks

Select the unit you want to use to measure variable marks—inch, cm (centimeter), mm (millimeter), or pts (points).

Default Marks Font

Prinergy can populate variable marks with double-byte characters such as those found in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
Here's an example of how you could use the feature:

    1. Create a Preps imposition file that includes a variable mark, such as $[PageName].
    2. In Prinergy, in the Default Marks Font box in the Marks section of the imposition output process template, type the exact name of the double-byte font that can be used in case the variable mark's original font was not a double-byte font. The font must reside either in a Prinergy-aware font folder or in the job's font search path.
    3. Submit the imposition file to Prinergy.

If the imposition file contains a page name with double-byte fonts, Prinergy outputs the file with these characters.

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