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Place text-file-based marks in the imposition plan.

The supported marks are:

  • Signatures: $[SignatureText] or $[SIGT]
  • Sheets: $[SheetText] or $[SHTT]
  • Surfaces: $[SurfaceText] or $[SRFT]
  • Pages: $[PageText] or $[PT]
  • Versions: $[VersionSignatureText] or $[VSIGT] (The syntax for versions is version <version name> <text>.)

Note: You cannot place both page marks and version marks on the same surface, sheet, or signature.


Text-file-based marks are of the form $[mark] or $[mark_n], where:

  • mark is the type of text mark to be retrieved.
  • n is an optional numeric parameter identifying the text string to be used if more than one is defined for the object.

If the optional numeric parameter is omitted, 1 is assumed.
If the text string for the mark cannot be located in the imposition text file the mark is replaced with an empty string.
See Example: text-file-based marks.

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