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In Prinergy LPV, you can link refined pages to versioned pages automatically if the refined pages have consistent file naming patterns. You can define a page name pattern in each layer, and then start a refine process on the input files. Prinergy refines the pages and automatically links them to versioned pages. Prinergy also automatically creates version pages if they do not already exist.

Consistent refined page names

If your refined page names are not consistent, you can make them consistent by renaming your refined pages using smart hot folders. 
For information on using smart hot folders, see Smart hot folders.

General tasks required to link refined pages automatically

The general tasks required to link refined pages automatically are:

  • Define page name patterns—define a page name pattern (or several) that matches the refined page names for each layer.
  • Build the versioned page—after setting the page name pattern in the version plan, refine the files using the Build Versioned Page check box in the refine process template. This check box tells Prinergy to use page name patterns to link refined pages to versioned pages, and to create versioned pages if necessary.

When you refine input files in an LPV job that uses automatic linking, Prinergy:

  • Compares all refined pages against the page name pattern for the first layer
  • Based on the wild card value, creates a versioned page for each refined page that matches the pattern—if one has not already been created
  • Links each refined page to the layer of the corresponding versioned page
  • Repeats the above actions for the remaining layers


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