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Layered PDF Versioning (LPV) is a prepress versioning system that is flexible in its input file requirements and efficient in its ability to output multiple versions without manual workarounds. LPV is a system that extracts content from refined pages or 1-up artworks by color and merges them as necessary to output multiple versions (or editions). Content can be extracted from pages by layer if you are using layered input files.

LPV benefits

Prinergy LPV provides:

  • Support for several different input file models and a similar workflow for all supported input file models
  • Versioning plans that manage versions and layers
  • Simplified and reduced operator steps, including:
    • The ability to output plates for all versions from one process
    • A simplified plate output process that eliminates the need for physical or digital double-burns
    • A simplified output process that eliminates possible errors caused by turning on and off separations for output
    • The ability to output proofs for all versions from one process as well as the ability to output proofs for individual versions
    • No need to import imposition plans more than once
  • Proofs that match the plates
  • Viewing of multiple versions of a page in a single-layered PDF 1.5 file in Adobe Acrobat 6 or later
  • Support for automationdifferent levels of automation are supported
  • A Prinergy layer for isolating change content, and the ability to extract change content: 
    •  From a refined page by color (for non-layered input files)
    •  From an input file by layer (for layered input files)
  • Approval of individual versions of a versioned page. In addition, the flexibility of being able to correct unapproved versions of a page while protecting approved version content.
  • The ability to output multiple versions per surface
  • The ability to override color extraction on selected versions of versioned pages. This essentially enables you to use a different version plan for selected versions of a page.

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