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About the Job Finder window

Job Finder is the first window that appears when you start Prinergy Workshop.
You must create a job for every publication that you want to print and then add to the job the content files that make up that publication.
Job Finder is where you:

  •   Find jobs and pre-jobs
  •  Create new jobs and pre-jobs
  •  Manage existing jobs and pre-jobs
  •  Set job status and other attributes
  •  Create and manage groups to organize your jobs

Inside Job Finder are columns that provide information about each job, such as when the job was created, where the job is stored, job status, and so on. You can display and hide columns. The columns affect Job Finder speed.

Job Finder consists of two views: Jobs and Pre-Jobs.

In either view, jobs and pre-jobs are organized by group. Grouping jobs makes them easier to find and manage. We recommend that you store jobs and pre-jobs in separate groups to help you distinguish between them.

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