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A JTP pool is a collection of two or more JTPs of the same type that have been grouped together to further automate your workflow.
A JTP pool enables you to direct Prinergy to automatically distribute tasks to individual JTPs when they become available. Without pools, the JTP that you select in a process template must be a specific JTP on specific server.
Unless you have specific reasons for doing otherwise, it is recommended that you pool JTPs of each type, and that you select the pools in your process templates.
Note: Final Output JTPs cannot be pooled.

What JTP pools can include

A JTP pool can include JTPs on one or more servers. For example, a pool can consist of three Normalize JTPs on three different Prinergy servers.
A JTP pool should include only JTPs for which the same features have been selected. For example, all JTPs in the same Color Matcher pool must have the same color management feature selected, either Color Management: color mapping or Color Management: advanced.
A JTP pool cannot include different types of JTPs. For example, you cannot have an archive JTP in the same pool as a refine JTP.

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