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  1. Add the marks in an imposition plan using imposition software such as Preps.
    The imposition software creates a .pjtf file and a .eps file. The .eps file is the marks file.
  2. Make sure that both files are in the same folder before importing into Prinergy.
  3. Set the ImportAll process template for importing the imposition plan and marks file.
    The ImportAll process template is automatically used when imposition plans and marks files are imported.
    1. Complete the Normalize for PostScript Marks Files section of the ImportAll process template.
      If you want the import process not to fail if any images are missing, in the Images area, clear the Fail on Missing Images check box.
    2. If you want to compress images to reduce the size of the marks file, also complete the Optimize for PostScript Marks Files section. In the Color Images section, in the Compression box, select ZIP (lossless). In the Grayscale Images section, in the Compression box, select ZIP (lossless).
  4. Select both the imposition plan and the marks file, and import them into Prinergy.
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