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Prinergy supports the import and export of entire LPV jobs. Incremental LPV jobs are not yet supported.

Note: LPV jobs cannot be supported with backward compatibility. Because Prinergy versions earlier than cannot read the versioning attributes of an LPV job, you will receive an error if the Backward Compatibility check box is selected during export of an LPV job.

Hub and spoke workflows

In hub and spoke workflows, if a spoke is not licensed for LPV, it can output LPV jobs, but is not able to modify them.
If a spoke is licensed for LPV and has the required software, it has the same abilities to modify an LPV job as the hub.

Spokes without an LPV license

Without a license, the spoke:



  • Import jobs
  • Import impositions
  • Assign/unassign versioned pages to page sets
  • Output proofs and plates
  • View or modify the version plan
  • Link/unlink contributing pages
  • Generate versioned pages

CAUTION: Although the spoke is able to refine pages without a license, doing so results in versioned pages that need to be regenerated. Because generation is not available to spokes without a Regional Versioning license, the spoke will consequently be unable to output any versioned pages that it has refined.

If a spoke accidentally incurs a Requires Generation state on a versioned page, the spoke must reimport the LPV job and avoid changing the generate status to "Requires generation."


If the spoke is not licensed, use one of the following methods of delivering an LPV job to the spoke:

  • Sending an exported LPV job—exporting a job generally takes less time than outputting imposed vector files.
  • Sending imposed vector output—generally, imposed vector output files are large and take longer to output than an exported job.
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