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Generation is performed after refined page linking to produce a layered PDF file for each versioned page. You must use a generate process template to perform this task. After you perform the generate process, you can use an output process template to output content and view the versioned pages in Acrobat.

Figure 1. Generate process converts metadata to layered PDF files 

Layers vs. plates

In Prinergy LPV, base and change content are grouped differently in the following:

  • Version plan layers—are virtual layers that are defined in the version plan and that are associated with content after linking refined pages
  • PDF layers—are layers in a PDF 1.5 file that is created after versioned page generation. PDF layers can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or later.
  • Separated output—proofs or plates that are created after starting an output process for final output or for separated proofs

Using the retail catalog scenario, the following figure illustrates how base and change content appear in version plan layers, PDF layers, and plates.

Figure 2. Content on version plan layers, PDF layers, and plates for versioned page 1

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