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This section lists bugs that are resolved in this release. 

Referenced PR IDDescription
PRINERGY-37831Retrieve fails for archived and purged jobs if a comma and space (ie. ", ") are used in combination in the job name.
PRINERGY-42216Variables fail to import correctly when rule sets were imported.
PRINERGY-43138Elements are missing after a first refine in layered PDFs from Esko workflows.
PRINERGY-44600The Prinergy installer fails to copy all Oracle related logs to the installer log folder.
PRINERGY-45404In certain instances, output processes fail with a BadFontDetection pre-procesing error message.
PRINERGY-45627Tint values could change after refining a layered PDF.
PRINERGY-45756PopulateFileShareTable.cmd is very slow to execute in some instances.
PRINERGY-45964Corrections of Prinergy Lab spot color conversions are needed.
PRINERGY-46576Split and Repeat actions are being aborted incorrectly for using too much CPU.
PRINERGY-46636Problems managing rule sets after assigning XML content to temporary String list variables.
PRINERGY-46727A crash related to stackobjs pointer error in the Trapper JTP due to memory management changes.
PRINERGY-46869Layered PDFs with transparency appear incorrect after layers were merged in some cases.
PRINERGY-46885A specific complex graphic causes the Trapper JTP to crash with a memory allocation error.
PRINERGY-47383A complex logo traps incorrectly in earlier versions of Prinergy 8.x.
PRINERGY-47397Required update of the Precheck tool to check whether the Prinergy Cloud Agent is installed and running.
PRINERGY-47435The Trapper gets into a hung state when processing a complex vector graphic.
PRINERGY-48120A PDF's content stream can cause severe bloat of a refined file size (eg. 3 MBs to 2 GBs) and affect system performance.
PRINERGY-48121A PDF with a specific pattern fill fails with A number is out of range error.

Trap editor crashes when in Simplified view and using a comma for decimal separator 


Plug-ins do not launch with Packaging File 

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