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This section lists bugs that are resolved in this release. 

Referenced PR ID


Legacy PR ID

PRINERGY-28421PTED: Archive Pool or Disk Volume names are shortened when the names or paths are too long.
PRINERGY-29096Pattern object gets overprinted by the color matcher's Overprint Black setting even though it does not paint in Black.
PRINERGY-29639Dashboard: disabled custom fields should not be shown.

DeviceGray objects are not preserved as K-only when doing ColorConvert/ColorMatch.


Performing loose page output after imposed output invalidates existing plate remake records.

PRINERGY-34877Thumbnail creation during refine with APPE fails when you have 27 or more spot colors added to Color Mappings.
PRINERGY-35891Flattening during refine changes OPM from 0 to 1 causing change in appearance of certain overprint.

APPE: Thin line artifact on 2400 dpi output if 0 or 90 rotation and certain layout size applied.

PRINERGY-36330Flatten in refine causes part of a character in a composite TrueTtype font to disappear.
PRINERGY-36409Prinergy Administrator is unable to ping the primary server from the primary server.
PRINERGY-36429Refine: Spot tints appear much lighter in PDFs that contain layers and transparency.
PRINERGY-36838Refine: Tint value incorrect in certain PDF that contains Transparency and Layers (Alpha Value Changed)
PRINERGY-36928Spot color stroked line converts to filled outline when flattened.
PRINERGY-36960Flattener creates a line art artifact in a certain file during refine.
PRINERGY-37137Flattener causes a certain image with a clipping path to disappear.
PRINERGY-37192White box artifact appears when certain PDF is flattened during refine.
PRINERGY-37259Refine of Layered PDF changes Transparent objects Alpha Fill value and results in color shift.
PRINERGY-37897In Workshop Client in French OS (Non-English Regional settings) there is a problem entering decimals in decimal type Custom Field.
PRINERGY-37909Layered PDF with Visibility Expressions (Visibility Rules) applied may lose content after refined in non-LPV Prinergy Job.
PRINERGY-38615Flattened file shows artifact in Acrobat when Smooth Line Art is disabled.
PRINERGY-38658Certain shading object appears incorrect after being flattened.
PRINERGY-38786Portion of drop shadow object disappears when flattened in refine.
PRINERGY-38951Objects with more than two layers in their visibility expression in a layered PDF do not appear after refine.
PRINERGY-38980PTED option to "clip" or "bump" to Min Dot Size when using Maxtone SX.
PRINERGY-39607Preflight+ does not detect blend mode for an object with a pattern fill.
PRINERGY-39795Flattener converts some characters into boxes for certain subsetted fonts.
PRINERGY-40676Text goes missing when PDF is flattened during refine.


Prinergy 7.5 incorrectly attempts to normalize Preps 5.3 and 6.x JDF files.
PRINERGY-40719PDF with Mesh shading has lighter tint after flattening during refine.
PRINERGY-40720Imposed Output fails with Plate Characterization, Plate Verification or Print Characterization, if ColorSetup not completed.
PRINERGY-40745Preflight+: Create a fixup to snap trim to center of dieline.
PRINERGY-40779Flattening to PDF 1.3 at Refine causes "scum dot" at bottom of gradient area.
PRINERGY-40846Flattening causes center hole of Roboto font glyph to fill in and render beneath actual glyph.


Destroyed jobs are not being cleaned up consistently on some systems.

PRINERGY-41220Harsh tonal shift on image when file flattened using two-step refine.
PRINERGY-41262PDF with Multiply Blend mode refines much lighter when flattened.
PRINERGY-41693Flattener crops pattern object incorrectly.
PRINERGY-41656APPE: Part of a transparent object renders incorrectly.
PRINERGY-41722APPE: Part of a transparent Radial shading object disappears on output.


Unable to read and use the Read XMP Printing Method field during Refine


Preflight+: Text spacing is incorrect when converting fonts to Outlines + other font fixups.
PRINERGY-42436Image missing when PDF is flattened during refine.
PRINERGY-42469Preflight+: Fonts corrupted when you selectively convert some other font to Outlines.

Display Group name should be displayed in job search/filter results.


Default Binding Style set in PrepsPrinergy.CFG.Template is not retained when Create New Imposition from Prinergy is used.

PRINERGY-43003Refine: Glyph goes missing after PDF is flattened.
PRINERGY-43154PDF with Pattern containing DeviceRGB data fails when flattened.

Preflight+: Flatten Fixup ruins appearance of PDF.

PRINERGY-43202pchangejobshare is very slow on systems with large numbers of registered files.
PRINERGY-43209Regression: lost ability to honor/override individual attributes with XMP document screening.
PRINERGY-43422Improvements required for Advanced Job Search for 2-byte characters
PRINERGY-43604Some spot colors display as 100CMYK in PDF Vector Output when imposition contains certain variable text marks.
PRINERGY-43774Stacking order of drop shadow is incorrect when PDF is flattened.
PRINERGY-43988Preflight+: Character spacing incorrect when using Place Text Fixup.
PRINERGY-44257Cannot sort ColorFlow lists in Workshop alphabetically.
PRINERGY-44307Image missing when PDF is flattened during refine.
PRINERGY-44558Min Dot Size not active when Plate Curve is selected.


Workshop: CMD+F and CTRL+ F (close window) are not working in French language mode.


Precheck is confused by extra drives connected to the server.
PRINERGY-44777Output: Dotshop screening applied to only one separation incorrectly applies to all.
PRINERGY-44816Elements disappear after Refine of PACKZ Layered PDF.
PRINERGY-44825Preflight+: Hyphen glyphs turn to question marks when using certain font fixups.


Thumbnails fail to create with SMB2 or SMB3 ON and Thumbs system folder held open.


Improvement required for PDF Level Handling UI label in Process Template Editor
PRINERGY-45003Device Track does not not open if the user name includes a space.
PRINERGY-45179Refine: Image with transparency missing when Layers merged and PDF is flattened.
PRINERGY-45180APPE: Thin line rendering thicker when PDF includes transparency - Match Acrobat Rendering OFF makes no difference.
PRINERGY-45308Workshop does not refresh when editing imposition with keep existing page set option.


Elements disappear after Refine of Layered PDF.

PRINERGY-45417Marks JTP no longer replaces _offset variable text correctly in EPS marks.


HP: Cannot send job to HP DFE with multiple presses.

PRINERGY-45436RBA SendEmail action not handling some SSL/TLS enabled email servers correctly.
PRINERGY-45497Workshop refresh issues due to large listener.log file.


Fail/Warn alert required if Job/Page has Color Setup assigned but ColorFlow is not used for output - PT controlled.


Object missing when output generated via APPE.

PRINERGY-45760Installer goes into an endless loop if .NET Framework 4.6.2, 4.7, or 4.7.1 is pre-installed.
PRINERGY-45796Output to Ricoh digital press incorrect when cover rotated 180 degrees.
PRINERGY-45801Output with Curve Source: ColorFlow Current State is much slower than Curve Source: Harmony.
PRINERGY-45805Installer should maintain SMB3 state when upgrading on Windows 2012 R2.
PRINERGY-45905Slugline does not appear on all separations when outputting with direct connection.
PRINERGY-46121PDF Raster fails in Output engine with call to DoHandleBandData error when resolution is 2880 x 1440.
PRINERGY-46190Prinergy 7.x to Prinergy 8.x upgrade incorrectly sets 'Match Acrobat Rendering' to OFF for existing jobs.
PRINERGY-46344PGS installer hangs with a hidden reboot prompt.
PRINERGY-46400Rehost tool step 2 fails if the restore is started before the Oracle services have completed their delayed start.
PRINERGY-46578APPE thumbnail creation fails when job has certain Japanese characters in name.
PLUGINS-796Contextual menu doesn't appear for Dotshop, Trap Editor and Trap Viewer when Mac locale is set as Japanese.
PLUGINS-797A part of the Geometry Editor plugin display is cut off on Windows Japanese operating system.
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