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The export process template contains one section called Export.


Click  to expand this collapsible section and see the options in it.


Select this check box to enable the Export section of the export process template.


Select the JTP you want to use to export job files.

Include Pages in Job Exports

Select to include the PDF pages in the compressed file that Prinergy creates when it exports a job.

Create Export Backwards Compatible with Prinergy 2.0.7

Select when you want the exported job to successfully import into a Prinergy 2.0.7 (or earlier) system.

Export Type

The selection in this box affects the default value displayed in the Export Path box. Select an export type and then provide additional information in the Export Path box.
Select Absolute File to enter the path for a specific network device or file location.
Select Job-Relative File to enter a path that is relative to the location of the job folder.
Note: If you enter a path for a network device in the Export Path box, Prinergy automatically changes the Export Type option to Absolute File, if it is not selected.

Overwrite Existing Files with Same Name

Select to enable Prinergy to overwrite an existing exported job file (<job name>.zip) with a new exported job file when the files have the same name.
When you enable this feature and export the same job a second time, Prinergy overwrites the first exported job file with the second exported job file.
When you disable this feature and export the same job a second time, Prinergy gives the second exported job file a unique name by giving it version number, for example, as opposed to Because the two files have unique names, they do not overwrite each other. The result is two exported job files.

Export Path

Specifies the folder to which the system exports a job. Click Browse to locate and select the folder.

Maximum File Size

Specify the size of the compressed file in kilobytes (KB) to be able to fit the file onto a medium such as a compact disk. (The default is 3145728 KB or about 3 GB.)

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