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This example shows the assignment of pages from a two-page reader spread input file to page positions.

The input files, refined pages, and desired page assignments are:

Input files,

Refined pages

Book_005_006.p1.pdf, Book_005_006.p2.pdf,
Book_007_008.p1.pdf, Book_007_008.p2.pdf

Desired page assignments

Book_005_006.p1.pdf to all page sets, position 5, layer 1.
Book_005_006.p2.pdf to all page sets, position 6, layer 1.
Book_007_008.p1.pdf to all page sets, position 7, layer 1.
Book_007_008.p2.pdf to all page sets, position 8, layer 1.

In the Page Assignments view, the instructions are:

Refined file name

Page set name/prefix







In the Raw APA File view, the instructions are:
ASSIGN= "[$]_[#PgPosition]_[#].p1.pdf" "*" [#PgPosition] 1
ASSIGN= "[$]_[#]_[#PgPosition].p2.pdf" "*" [#PgPosition] 1

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