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This page shows the text from a sample web growth profile file (<file name>.wgp).

Tip: Copy and modify the sample file that is installed with Prinergy so that you don't have to type the contents.

<?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8?>
<!DOCTYPE profile SYSTEM WebGrowthProfile.dtd>
<plate tower=1 side=U>
<expansion xpercent=1.0 ypercent=0.30 />
<plate tower=2 side=U>
<expansion xpercent=0.8 ypercent=0.25 />
<plate tower=3 side=U>
<expansion xpercent=0.6 ypercent=0.20 />
<plate tower=4 side=U>
<expansion xpercent=0.3 ypercent=0.15 />

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