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You can enable APA at one of two stages of the workflow.
  • Change the refine process template by enabling the Impose section and selecting one of the Automated Page Assignment options in it.
    You can do this in many ways, including:
    • Creating a new refine process template and enabling APA in it.
    • Temporarily changing an existing refine process template by editing it from the Start Process dialog box and enabling APA.
    • Permanently changing an existing refine process template by enabling APA.
  • Change the Import process template by selecting Do Auto Page Assignment After Unpopulated Imposition Import while you import an imposition.

CAUTION: Do not select this check box unless you have an APA file with the assignments that you want applied to the selected page set. Otherwise, existing assignments are deleted.
When you select this check box, Prinergy also automatically assign pages that were refined before an imposition import (before a page set is created).

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