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Customize the PrintLink configuration file by activating and modifying the tags as desired.

  1. Open a blank text file in a plain text text editor, such as Notepad or UltraEdit. Do not use Wordpad.
  2. Copy the sample PrintLink configuration file and paste it into the text file.
  3. Edit the configuration file to activate the tags and modify them as required:
    • To activate a tag, remove the crosshatch (#) in front of the tag.
    • To modify a customizable tag, activate the tag and change the variable. See the list of PrintLink-specific variables in Customizable tags in the PrintLink PPF file.
    • To modify a default press interface setting, activate the tag and change the value—for example, from =false to =true.
  4. Save the text file to a volume mounted on the Prinergy server. Name the file PrintLinkConfig.txt.
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