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Use the IS Screen Set Editor to create and edit IS screen sets. You cannot use the Process Template Editor to edit IS screen sets.
IS screen sets must be defined before you select them in the process template. You cannot change most settings in the process template. You must use the IS Screen Set Editor to set up specific frequency, dot shape, and angle combinations before you can select them in the process template. You can assign or change existing screen angles in the Process Template Editor.

The IS Screen Set Editor is installed on the Prinergy primary server. It is generally easier to use a remote connection to the server when you want to use the IS Screen Set Editor.

  • On the Prinergy primary server, select Start > Programs > Prinergy > Screen Set Editor.
  • The Screen Set Editor window lists all the screen sets with a summary of their settings.




    Select mm or inch.


    The name of the screen set when it was created


    Kodak refers to a factory screen set. User refers to a customer-created screen set.


    You can apply a filter to view only the screen sets that meet the filter parameters. You can filter by one or more columns in the window. The filter is saved when you quit the Screen Set Editor.

    • Click in the Filter line, and type the words or numbers that you want to search for. All columns are searched. 
    • To display all screen sets, delete the filter parameters.

Tip: To see the version of the Screen Set Editor, click the About button at the lower-right corner of the Screen Set Editor window.

  • Use the Screen Set Editor to create, modify, or delete screen sets.
    • To create a new screen set, click New.
    • To edit a screen set, select a screen set, and click Modify.
    • To delete a screen set, select a screen set, and click Delete.




      Type the resolution for this screen set. The icons above the resolutions show which resolution is around the drum and which resolution is across the drum. Around the drum corresponds to resolution <y> in Prinergy, and across the drum corresponds to resolution <x>.
      Changing this resolution in a Prinergy process template changes the frequency of the line screen on output, with one exception: in assymetrical resolutions, one dimension can be changed by a factor of 2,4, or 8 without affecting the line frequency.


      For symmetrical imaging, click = so that resolution <y> equals resolution <x>.


      (Optional) Type a comment for the screen set.

      Adjust Screen Frequency

      Depending on the angle and resolution, select to adjust the frequency and create better rosette quality for that combination of angle and resolution.


      Select an angle combination.
      Do not enter arbitrary angles in each color column. Kodak recommends 30° or 60° separations between cyan, magenta, and black.
      Note: Some customers may use non-standard angles for additional color separations. These angles may deviate from the recommended angle separations.


      The number of lines per inch or mm
      Do not enter different frequencies in each color column. If you do, the output may have moiré artifacts.

      Dot Shape

      Select a dot shape.


      Specify the depth ratio—the ratio of width to height of the dot size. For example, 80 means the width of the dot is 80% of its height.
      For a symmetrical dot, use 100.


      You can apply noise globally over an entire range or only to specific ranges. Click the Noise button on the left to apply noise globally.

      Seamless Screening

      Select this option to produce seamless imaging on photopolymer sleeves, direct engraving, or gravure devices.


      Lists the separations in the screen set. IS screen sets support more than four angles.

Note: Avoid specifying different frequencies or dot shapes for different colors in the same screen set. Avoid specifying color angles that are not 30° or 60° separated from other colors.

Note: Many IS screen set parameters cannot be changed in the process template—for example, dot shape, screen ruling, screen angle, and so on. Use the IS screen set editor to modify these parameters.

    • To add a separation, click Add.
    • To delete a separation that you have added, select that separation, and click Delete. You cannot delete process colors or the Others separation.

Important: After adding, modifying, or deleting a screen set, you must restart all Printer and Marks JTPs in Prinergy Administrator to update Prinergy with your changes.

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