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  1. Perform the following as appropriate:


    Do this

    Create a job

    In Job Finder, in the Jobs view, select File > New Job.

    Create a pre-job

    In Job Finder, in the Pre-jobs view, select File > New Pre-job.

  2. In the Create New Job dialog box, navigate to the group in which you want to create a new versioning job.
  3. In the Create new Job as box, type the name of the versioning job.
  4. Click the triangle beside the Options heading to expand the options.
  5. In the Options section, select the Job Attributes check box.
  6. In the Set Job Attributes dialog box, select the Layered PDF Versioning Job radio button, and then click OK.

  7. In the Create New Job dialog box, select other options as required, and then click Create.
    The Job Manager appears with new UI elements as in the following figure.



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