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The version plan is a table in each LPV job that you must set up to reflect the layers required for each version. A version plan is similar to the production plan.

To create a version plan, you must:

  • Identify the versions required for the job.
  • Identify the layers required for each version.
  • Define the contents for each layer by:
    • Listing the colors to be extracted from refined pages in order to identify the contents for each layer (if using non-layered input files).
      Note: If using layered input files, content for each version plan layer is already defined by the content in each input file layer.
    • Specifying the final output (plate) color of each layer.

For the retail catalog scenario, you must create in the version plan:

  • Four versions (EngEast, EngWest, EspEast, EspWest)
  • Five layers (common for images, Eng for English text, Esp for Spanish text, East for eastern pricing, and West for western pricing)


Prerequisite information

  • How each color relates to content layers:
    Important: In order to define the contents for each layer, you must know what colors are in each refined page, the content that the color represents, and the final color (plate) to which the content must be mapped.
    In this scenario, you must know or have already determined that:

Refined Page Color

Is Used to Indicate


common content


English text


Spanish text


Eastern pricing


Western pricing

  • How each content layer relates to plates:
    You must also know to which color (plate) the content must be mapped.
    In this scenario, all change content must be printed to the black plate; and the base content must print as is: as CMYK. In this scenario, there is only one base layer because the images are common to all versions.
    The following diagram shows the version plan for the retail catalog scenario.


Figure 1. Version plan 

The last 3 columns—Page Name Pattern, Page Name Back Reference, and Page Number Back Reference—can be selected and simultaneously copied and then pasted to blank cells in the existing version plan or even to cells in another LPV job.

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