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Configure a final output process template to generate a PPF file (or a text file if you will manually enter the ink key settings) for each separation. When you use this final output process template, PrintLink automatically generates PPF files from the secondary server and then outputs the files to the designated directory on the PPF file reader workstation.
Note: When you require user-readable ink key settings because you will manually enter the ink key settings in the press console, the resulting ink key settings files are text (.txt) files, not PPF files.
For more information, see Creating a process template for an ink report and Setting up the ink report daemon (to monitor the hot folder).

  1. In Process Template Editor, create a new final output process template.
  2. In the Output To box of the process template, select a raster output type.
    For example, select TIFF.
    The PrintLink section becomes available.
  3. Select the PrintLink check box, and click the triangle to expand the section.
  4. In the Preview Resolution list, select one of the following resolutions for the PPF file preview image:
      • Low (default) resolution is approximately 12.5 ppi, which gives good preview images.
      • Medium resolution is approximately 25 ppi, which gives a sharper preview image with more detail.
      • High resolution is approximately 50 ppi, which gives the sharpest available preview image with the most detail.
      • Very High resolution is up to 100 ppi, which gives the sharpest available preview image with the most detail, depending on the plate output resolution.

       Note: A higher resolution improves the preview image quality and may improve the ink key print accuracy. However, a higher resolution may also increase the processing time and file sizes.

  5. Choose where to put the PPF files:


    Do This

    Inside the job folder

      1. Click Browse and select a location inside a job.
        The Put Files in Directory box lists an absolute file path. 
      2. Select Job-Relative File
        This converts the absolute file path to a job-relative path.
    Outside the job folderClick Browse and select the location.
    The Put Files in Directory box lists the file path.

    Important: Ensure that the directory you select has enough space to receive the PPF files generated by PrintLink.

  6. (Optional) Select the Use JDF Name check box to preserve the names of the sheet, the imposition, and the signature from the JDF.
    These names will be used in the PPF.
  7. (Optional) To customize the tags in the PrintLink configuration file, click Browse next to Press Interface Configuration File, and locate the PrintLink configuration file (named PrintLinkConfig.txt).
  8. In the Press Interface box, select a press interface in the list.
    The active tags in the PrintLink configuration file override the defaults of the selected press interface. Note the number of divisions for the following manual Press Interface options: 

    Press Interface Option

    Number of Divisions


    100 divisions (0 to 99)


    16 divisions, each with 16 subdivisions (0 to 16 : 0 to 15)


    24 divisions, each with 20 subdivisions (0 to 23 : 0 to 19)


    254 divisions (0 to 253)


    24 divisions (0 to 23)

  9. Configure other PrintLink parameters as required.
  10. Save the final output process template.
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