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To create thermal bluelines, you must first create an imposition output process template for thermal bluelines. Then, select the front and the back of the signature in Job Manager, and start an imposition output process using the thermal blueline process template that you created.
Note: Before starting the output process, ensure that you select an entire signature from the imposition—that is, the front and back of the signature. For work-and-turn impositions, select the single side.

Prinergy always generates a TIFF file for each side of the imposition plan, and it generates the files in the correct orientation for the thermal blueline media, regardless of the imposition style used in the job. As a result, when you turn the media on the device, the images always back up.

  1. Open a new or existing process template:
    1. From the Tools menu, select Process Template Editor.
    2. In the Process Template Editor window, expand Loose Page Output or Imposition Output and then expand the group that you want to use.
    3. Double-click a process template to edit it or right-click a process template and select New Process Template to create a new process template.
  2. In the imposition output process template, in the Output To list, select TIFF.
  3. In the Layout section, set the following options:




    Select Cut Sheet.


    Select Tumble.

    Max Width

    Type the height (not the width, as the label implies) of the thermal blueline media—for example, 30.3125.
    Note: This is the Around the drum measurement in the Print Console software.

    Max Height

    Type the width (not the height, as the label implies) of the imageable area of the thermal blueline media—for example, 40.5.
    Note: This is the Along the drum measurement in Print Console.


    Select 90°.
    Note: This option specifies the image placement in the TIFF file.

    Center Along Width

    Select the check box.

    Center Along Height

    Select the check box.

  4. In the Render section, set the following options:




    Select a TIFF output pool (for example, Proof).

    Resolution X and Y

    Type 2400.

    Color Model

    Select DeviceGray.


    Select 1.

    Spot Color Handling

    Select Convert to process.

  5. In the Calibration & Screening section, set the following options:



    Calibration Curve

    Select %%NONE%%.

    Screen Ruling

    Select 175.

    at Angle

    Select 45.

    Rotate Screens With Pages

    Select the check box.

     Note: The system screens all separations at the same angle, and it always uses Euclidean dot shape. As a result, you don't need to select a screen system from the Screen System box or a dot shape from the Dot Shape box. Prinergy sets the screen ruling to 175 lpi and screen angle to 45, regardless of how you set the Screen Ruling and at Angle options. 

  6. In the Processed File Options section, clear the Overwrite Existing Files with Same Name check box.
  7. In the File Format section, in the Compression list, select RLE.
  8. In the Device section, set the following options:



    Output Type

    Select Absolute File or Printer.

    Device Path

    Specify the path to the thermal blueline hot folder for Print Console.

  9. From the File menu, select Save As, and then name and save the process template.

You are now ready to start an output process, using this process template, to create a thermal blueline.

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