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  1. In Process Template Editor, create a new final output process template.
  2. In the Output To box of the process template, select an output type.
    For example, select TIFF.
    The PrintLink section becomes selectable.
  3. Select the PrintLink check box and expand the section.
  4. In the PrintLink section, select the options as follows:
    1. For Output Type, select Absolute File.
    2. In the Put Files in Directory box, browse to the ink report hot folder—for example, J:\Ink\In—and select it.
    3. For File Generation Mode, select One File per Surface or One File per Separation.
      One File per Sheet is not supported, as the Back Surface will not include Area Coverage data.
  5. Clear the check box beside the Device section, because you may not want to produce output that would waste disk space.
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