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You can output loose page output and imposition output to the Kodak Veris digital proofer. To output Veris proofs, create a process template for the Veris digital proofer and use that process template when outputting to the proofer.
You can generate imposition output only if the imposition fits in the imageable area of the Veris digital proofer. The imageable area is 533 mm by 724 mm (21 inches by 28.5 inches)—or you can tile in Prinergy.
Before creating a process template for the Veris digital proofer, you must first export the current Veris ICC profiles from the Proofer Controller to a volume mounted on the Prinergy server. The profiles are stored on the Proofer Controller and can be exported using the export utility. For information on how to export ICC profiles, see the Kodak Veris proofer documentation.
Note: You can use your own custom ICC profiles. If you use custom ICC profiles, you must calibrate your proofer and tag all profiles before creating proofs, using the Kodak Certified Process. Contact a service representative to get a profile tagged as a certified profile.

  1. Open a new or existing process template:
    1. From the Tools menu, select Process Template Editor.
    2. In the Process Template Editor window, expand Loose Page Output or Imposition Output and then expand the group that you want to use.
    3. Double-click a process template to edit it or right-click a process template and select New Process Template to create a new process template.
  2. In the Output To list, select Veris/Matchprint Inkjet.
  3. In the Device section, in the Proofer Name list, select the proofer that you want to print to.
    The proofer's model appears in the Proofer Model box.
  4. In the ColorConvert section, set the following options:
    1. Select Match Colors in Page Content.
    2. For Assumed Final Output Profile, select the Exactly As Defined Below check box.
    3. For Source or DeviceLink Profile, click Browse and locate where you stored the Veris ICC profiles that you exported from the Kodak digital proofer.
  5. In the Layout section, set the following options:
    1. In the Media Configuration list, select the Veris media type.
    2. In the VerisSheetTemplates list, select the applicable template for your proofing job.
      For information on the template settings, see the Kodak digital proofer documentation.
  6. If you are generating loose page output, in the Layout section, set the following options:
    1. For Style, select N-up to print more than one PDF page on a sheet of media.
    2. In the Number of Pages Across and Down boxes, type the number of pages.
      The pages must fit in the imagable area, which is 533 mm by 724 mm (21 inches by 28.5 inches). For example, you can fit four 8.5-by-11-inch pages, with two pages across and two pages down.
    3. In the Vertical Gutter Width and Horizontal Gutter Height boxes, type the gutter amounts and select the unit of measure from the list.
  7. From the File menu, select Save As, and then name and save the process template.
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